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The makeup is weightless mineral powder containing natural mineral pigments, freeze-dried vitamins A&E, green tea extract and a light lavender based aromatherapy. From the subtle summery shades of pink to a deep bold berry color, each woman has a product to fall in love with. The makeup is free of harsh chemicals and packaged with love. Basically, we got you covered girls!

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why shabbos

There are so many halachos that apply to everything we do on Shabbos, it can be a little overwhelming. From how to make a salad to how to clean dirt off your clothes. And yes, even what kind of makeup you use and how to apply it. In fact, most regular makeup products really can't be applied on Shabbos. 7thDayShine is a full line of all natural high end makeup that is halachically permissible to apply on Shabbos when applied following the guidelines.

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