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What is the difference between 7thDayShine and other mineral makeup lines?
The main difference is that all of our products have been reviewed and approved by a rabbi. He not only looked at the ingredients but actually tested the products to make sure they're ok to apply on Shabbos. There may be other mineral lines that have some products that are okay but if they haven’t been tested by a rabbi that is knowledgeable in this area you definitely should not use them.
How well does the makeup hold up?
It varies from product to product and really depends on your skin. If you apply the lip powder before going to shul or a simcha it should generally last but obviously if you're eating and drinking or you lick your lips a lot, it will come off quicker. The eyeliner should last all day, but it will start to fade. But remember, you can re-apply as much as you need on Shabbos even on top of the Shabbos makeup you already have on.
Will the makeup make me break out?
It's super important to us to offer products with completely clean ingredients. There are no oils, harsh chemicals or artificial dyes in any of our products. You can even apply 7thDayShine on top of you facial, chemical peel or microdermabrasion.
I notice that your brushes are synthetic. What are the benefits of synthetic brushes over natural hair?
For starters it means that no animals were hurt in the making of these brushes. With all of the technological advancements synthetic brushes have a lot of advantages over natural hair brushes. Natural hair has cuticles and is porous. Makeup gets stuck inside, so you end up wasting product. This also makes them harder to clean and less hygienic. Synthetic brushes don't have these problems and last longer.
I have a hard time applying the eyeliner without making a mess. What can I do so it won't be so messy?
It's highly pigmented loose powder so it can tend to get messy, but it cleans up easily. Place a tissue under the container so you can just roll up whatever falls and throw it away. For the application, start with your eyes before applying the rest of your makeup so you can easily wipe away whatever falls without ruining your concealer or foundation.
Can I apply 7thDayShine Shabbos makeup with my fingers instead of a brush?
You can but why would you. Your fingers are great tools for applying creams, but this is loose powder and a brush gives you much better control for product placement.
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